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There are many benefits to using an EIN number for credentialing and submitting claims, as opposed to using your social security number.  First, it helps to protect your personal identity by limiting the people who have access to your social security number.  If you file with and EIN number, then your social security number is stored in the insurance company files, but is not accessed by every customer service representative who accesses your claims.  Secondly, using an EIN number allows you segregate income from your practice versus income from other sources.

If you have an EIN number, we strongly suggest that this number be shared with all insurance carriers instead of your SSN.  You should use one number to identify you for tax purposes.  If you are currently using multiple numbers to for tax purposes we strongly suggest that you allow us to convert your filing information to just the EIN number.  First, it allows for more consistency in the filing of your tax documents.  Secondly, it will ensure that all insurance claims are being filed with consistent information.

If you have issues regarding an EIN or SSN that need to be addresses, please contact Melissa directly.


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